Common iPhone & iPad Issues

There are many potential issues that could befall your beloved iPhone or iPad but with the help of a good cellular repair company your device should be up and running like new.

The following are a few of the most common problems;

Cracked screens and cracked LCD's are unfortunately a very real hazard for both the iPhone and iPad as both of the devices have large screens. They are normally easy to replace and typically can be fixed and returned to you with in 3 days.

Liquid damage can be a disaster for any electrical device let alone a pricey iPhone or iPad, but with the right repair company and technician working on your device there is a good chance that it can repaired and working like new

Physical damage such as a cracked case, broken home buttons, broken sound buttons can normally be replaced by your repair company

It maybe necessary to replace the battery of your iPad or iPhone ? this should be a relatively simple job for your chosen Apple repair company

Whilst not technically a problem or an issue, some people prefer to have an experienced technician to update their iOS (Apple operating system) for them ? a good cell phone/repair company should be able to do this easily for you

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