South African Search Engines

There are very few South African search engines, the ones reviewed below are mainly reviewed upon their appearance/design - a full review of their results will also be included in this article at a later date.

Google (
Currently the biggest South African search engine searching over 36,700,000 web pages. Head offices are in Mountain View California with regional offices all over the world including one on Jo'burg.

Ananzi (
Inclusion into this search engine is only open to those already listed in their web directory, which luckily has free inclusion.

Unfortunately the site has very poor design with many flashing banner ads and a poor colour scheme - not a very professional looking site which is a shame as it has potential to be a strong contender for a true home grown South African search engine!

Funnel (
Funnel claims to search over 2,000,000 South African web pages and is based in Bryanston, Johannesburg. The site over all has a pleasent design and seems fresh in appearance.

Aardvark (
Aardvark is run by Telkom, the South African phone line provider and claims to have been online since 1997.

The site has extremely poor design, poor colour scheme and many flashing ads, in short it looks like a site from the mid 90's! Clearly, this is not a professional looking site and Telkom keep this running purely as a joke!

Do you know of another South African search engines? If so please get in contact and it will be reviewed and added to this article.