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External Files - SEO Tips

When the search engine reads the CSS or JavaScript it looks at it but can not interpret it, so it skips it and moves on to the next part of the code on the page, normally the body tag. A way of making the page more search engine friendly is to strip out the JavaScript and CSS and place them into external files and reference it in the head section of the document. If you check the source of this page you can see that I have done exactly this.

You will also notice that I have named the external files with keywords that I would like this page to rank for. While this will not make the page rank on its own, it adds to the theme of the page and reinforces the keywords.

While this will help to make the page search engine friendly, if the scripts are going to be used through out the site it will also speed up the download time of the page. How will it do this I hear you ask? I'll tell you. It will do this because the external files will only need to be downloaded once, it will then be stored on your PC and can be read from there when ever they are called for again, this will save the browser having to make the request for them from the web server over and over again.