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Google Adsense Facts - SEO Tips

There were very few ways of making money from websites at one point, affiliate schemes, banners ads, membership fees, selling products. Each one of these have their own problems some being difficult to set up, others not being as affective as they once were and a few being very costly with some times high over heads.

Google adsense to the rescue!
The wise people at the Google plex have come up with a novel idea, they will place ads on your pages that are relevant to your content, these ads are taken from their large database of contextual advertisers - Adwords. When some one visits your site and clicks on an ad Google get paid an agreed amount by the advertiser - Google then shares some of that money with you.

Google allow you to change the look and feel of the advert that is shown on your site and also the placement, by doing this you can place it in highly visible spots on your page and also use colours that may attract more attention.

Click fraud
There are adsense publishers that use automated software spiders to click on ads on their own sites in a bid to drive up their monthly earnings. This threatens to close the program as Google are then forced to explain to the Adword advertisers where the money is going and how Google plan to police the situation. In the press recently there has been a high profile court case of Google click fraud where some using the same tactic as above has been taken to court by Google - let this be a lesson to all adsense publishers with click bot scripts. Google are serious about this and will act upon all abuse to their system.

Basic adsense tips
Placement of the ads are key, there is no point in placing the ads at the very bottom of the page. Not all people are going to scroll to the bottom of your pages (no matter how good a writer you are), maybe having the ad in the center of the page will help Type of ad can make a difference as well from the 468 x 60 banner or the 120 x 600 the difference in size can drive a higher click through rate. Last tip is to play around with the clolur of the ads. A blue border, grey background and orange text can help to draw attention to the ad and increase the click throughs.