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If you are in another country with products that you would like to sell in the United Kingdom, it can be very difficult to get your site listed with decent rankings in Google UK. Here are a few tips to follow when building, desiging the site. The added bonus of following the details below it should also mean that Yahoo UK will index the site. Some of this maybe be a little obvious, but it is worth while to have all of these in place for when the spiders visit.

Get your site translated into English:
When the English spiders come to crawl the site, you need it to be written in English. This will reinforce the English theme to the search engines.

Get local domains:
If your site is hosted on a domain this is a clear indication to the crawlers that the site has English content.

Host your site with an English company:
If your site hosted with an English web hosting company, it will also have an English IP address. Having an English IP address is essential for good UK rankings.

Get inbound links from English sites
Having links pointing to your site from other English sites, this will increase the chances of your site coming up in English searches as the spiders will see the English theme of your site.