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<meta name="description" content=" This meta tag is a place where you can expand a little more on the title tag. In the title tag search engines stop reading after 68 charactures. Use the meta description tag to include keywords that you were not able to include in the title. I try and aim for a few sentences of well written keywordy text. "> <meta name="keywords" content=" This tag should be broken into key phrases, if you target just a single word at a time you will have a difficult job ranking for them on their own. If you target two word or three word key phrases you will have a better chance of ranking. The keyword tag has been the spammers choice for a long time with large amounts of keywords being stuffed over the years into the tag. In todays search engine market the tag is read but not taken into account to such a degree. ">

There are several other tags that people include in their meta area. The revisit tag is ignored completely by search engines, a search engine spider will return to your site when they see fit - this tag is just a way to waste bytes. The meta robot tag should not be used if you have a robots.txt file. The robots tag is meant for people who are not able to upload this file, so they can keep files and directories out of the search engine indexes