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Mirago is a company founded in 1996 and went live in 1999 by a small software company, Compsoft Plc. It is a European search directory offering paid for inclusion services, pay per click and trusted feed for sites to deliver targetted traffic.

Mirago offer a service for 14 where you site will be listed in their directory and will get recrawled every 7 days, for more money there are options where you can have your site indexed every 48 hours or 24 hours, for the larger site that has lots of content hidden behind a database there is the trusted feed option where you can get your pages included in the index quickly.

They use their own results with their own indexing algorythm called Q3, it visits and evaulates pages in a similar way to all of the other major search engines. It looks at incoming links and values them on the relevance to the site, it looks at the content on the page and pulls the HTML apart so it can interpret tags such header tags, meta tags and the title tags. On the technology pages they inform us that how deep the content is in the site can play a part in how a page ranks in Mirago.

Its general reputation in the UK is that it is a solid directory that can send valuable traffic for a very good price, its one downfall is that it does not gain a lot of traffic so in turn it can not turn around and send a lot of traffic.