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SEO forums have been around in the seo industry for at least the last six years. From Webmasterworld which popped up on the scene in 1999 to the new Search engine watch forums, they are a communities where like minded optimisers and affiliates can gather and chat about the industry and the ever changing seo world.

Probably the largest forum online in any market area. The owner Brett Tabke has had growth that other sites can only dream of. With GoogleGuy (Matt Cutts) a senior software developer with Google being a member, Tim who holds a senior role in search with Yahoo. As you can see the forum has got a very impressive cast of members. On the downside in the last year the forum has had a very large influx of newbies and unknowns making it very difficult to find any worth while information.

Search engine watch forums
One of the latest additions to the seo forum list, but probably the most notable due to the huge popularity of the main search engine watch site, Danny Sullivan has a great chance to make a huge impact as the current list of members grows. Members include NFFC, SEObook, Mike Grehan, Mike Mackin, Fantomaster, rcjordan... the list goes on.

The Jimworld forums are one of the largest forums related to seo and webmastering online anywhere. User base is very large and alot of notable names post there.