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Website Linking - SEO Tips

There are many terms that you may here when working on the linking on you're site. Below are a few of the common phrases and their meanings.

Reciprocal Link:
When two websites swap links to point at each other. The reciprocal link is a webmasters best friend; find a site that ranks high in the search engines pages for one of your keywords. Then email the webmaster of the site and ask for a link swap, either with an Image or a text link.

A count of the number of links pointing (inbound links) at a website. Many search engines now count linkage in their algorithms, the search engine Google call these types of links backlinks.

Link Farm:
Free For All links. These are places that allow anyone to add a link to a page full of already established links. These are best to avoid as the sites that are on these types of pages are not always of good quality, if a search engine for a reason had banned one of the sites on the page then it has been known that the other sites had also had a drop in ranking as well.

A reference to when pages are removed and the URL returns an error 404 message, meaning that the page cannot be found on the site the link is pointing to.

Outbound Link:
A link that points away from your website. When linking to another site make sure that the site content is relevant to your own, try to keep the theme going with all of your outbound links. The anchor text should also be your sites keyword.

Inbound link:
Links pointing to a website. When a user arrives at a website from another site by clicking on a link, that link is called an Inbound Link to your site. This is a factor that you don't have a lot of control over, as it is the other webmaster that has linked to your site - so in the eyes of a search engine it holds more weight than a normal internal link. Again the anchor text should be your sites main keyword, but in these cases you should just be glad that you have an inbound link.

Anchor Text:
This is the link text that a surfer clicks on with their mouse, the anchor text should be your sites main sites keyword and also the sites that you are linking to, this way when a search engine spider looks at the link they will read the text and associate the site with that word or group of words.

Text Link:
Any type of link that is text only is known as a text link. With text links anchor text is the most important thing to remember, also try to make sure that the site is on the same theme as your site

Internal Links:
When the internal pages of a web site are linked together they are known as internal links, this should only be done with pages that are on topic with each other. The only pages where it wouldn't matter would be with the contact section, about us page etc...